About Me

Hi! My Name is Joe Siwak. I’m an illustrator and visual designer, living in Chicago. I graduated Columbia College Chicago, with a BFA in art and design, with a major concentration in illustration. I also attended the Designation program in Chicago, working to increase my skills in design and development. I focus on visual communication, trying to use visual art and design to make a point. Whether through drawing, painting, design or mark-up; I'm talking with line, color, composition and type.

I have big dreams and big ideas. I'm always trying to better my skills or learn new abilities. I'm sometimes afraid of the dark. I drink a lot of coffee, and play a lot of video games. I think beards are awesome and will probably never shave mine off. Sometimes I wish I were Spider-man just to make my commute that much quicker.

If you'd like to reach out, just shoot me an email at joesiwak(at)mac.com OR connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

Illustration work